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The cycling podcast for cycling enthusiasts who prefer a latte to pralmorelin dihydrochloride. All the fun, hobby, and social side to cycling, with news, articles, interviews, and minimal drug-crazed Strava-obsessed testosterone. With hosts triathlete @rayahubbell and comedian @stephencgrant. Sponsored by dhb - Don't hold back!

This show, like us, goes out as frequently as possible, but may be delayed due to weather, illness, or an inability to self-motivate.

Jul 27, 2019

Stephen and Raya are back in podcasting towers, bemoaning a lack of aircon but looking forward to a summer of cycling delights. And as part of their on-off series of improving your cycling (is this a thing? It is now), ailments are interrogated, along with the solutions. It's a must listen for beginner cyclists through to the regulars. 

But that's not the main crux of show 59... no no no. That would be the interview with established Yoga teacher and recent road cycling convert Cat Duval, who explains (in quite impressively technical detail) the advantages to cycling of yoga. They even have a go (check social media for the videos).

Plus news as to which show in the podcast series is bareable to listen to, bib short top trumps, surprise chamoix news, and the Velominati has Stephen singing. Yeah. It's at 9:10 so if you want to skip that, you've been warned.

Warning. Contains graphic references to socks.

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