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The cycling podcast for cycling enthusiasts who prefer a latte to pralmorelin dihydrochloride. All the fun, hobby, and social side to cycling, with news, articles, interviews, and minimal drug-crazed Strava-obsessed testosterone. With hosts triathlete @rayahubbell and comedian @stephencgrant. Sponsored by dhb - Don't hold back!

This show, like us, goes out as frequently as possible, but may be delayed due to weather, illness, or an inability to self-motivate.

Nov 22, 2018

As Winter draws in, Raya and Stephen aren't afraid to out... to an event, or 4. And Show 37 sees the podcast hit the road, and not how Stephen 'hit the road' when he had his accident blah blah snoooore.

So, in this kit and feature filled episode, as well as our usual staple (that would be the Velominati, don't you know) we dive into cereal bars - where Raya doesn't pull her punches (she's got opinions and she's not afraid to air them!) Sepcifically, paleo bars. Bars that cavemen would eat. Before going for a huge bike ride. On a bicycle that hadn’t been invented today.

Then we discuss the revolutionary - or just bonkers - shoulderless rucksack, and the perils of cyclists using rucksacks generally. And there's a welcome return for the Bike Price is Right... as Stephen, has bought (another) bike. Oh dear. But is the price right?

This is balanced against his minor purchase which is helping him go faster. Lots faster. You'll understand when you listen.

AND! Our events diary overfloweth. Details of our first LIVE Cyclist Pod podcast is contained within, along with the awards ceremony Stephen is about to host/hosted. Expect jugs of champagne! Oh, and course, there's the other party we've been invited to, where you can expect jugs. Just jugs.

And a welcome return for you drive like a dick. Fire up the social media, this one is bonkers. 


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