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The cycling podcast for cycling enthusiasts who prefer a latte to pralmorelin dihydrochloride. All the fun, hobby, and social side to cycling, with news, articles, interviews, and minimal drug-crazed Strava-obsessed testosterone. With hosts triathlete @rayahubbell and comedian @stephencgrant. Sponsored by dhb - Don't hold back!

This show, like us, goes out as frequently as possible, but may be delayed due to weather, illness, or an inability to self-motivate.

Jun 29, 2020

The Cyclist Pod - now with Cyclist Magazine special offer included!

Stephen and Raya are socially distanced - of course - and are tackling on-and-off bike pains. Don't worry, it's not as whingy as this sounds. 

There's also an offer from our new super-glossy sponsor (Cyclist Magazine yeah!) which is in the end credits, in case you wanted to fast forward the whole pod (sob). Also: In this description.

Also in Pod 78: The Velominati, why cycling is like breastfeeding, Stephen's cycling pride, lavish and due praise for DHB's turbo shorts, boob sweat (stop sniggering) and more about cycling pains and how to push through them.

OK it's mostly about boob seat. We tried to be serious 

* OFFER!!! *

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Produced by Stephen Grant and Jimmy Ward

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