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The cycling podcast for cycling enthusiasts who prefer a latte to pralmorelin dihydrochloride. All the fun, hobby, and social side to cycling, with news, articles, interviews, and minimal drug-crazed Strava-obsessed testosterone. With hosts triathlete @rayahubbell and comedian @stephencgrant. Sponsored by dhb - Don't hold back!

This show, like us, goes out as frequently as possible, but may be delayed due to weather, illness, or an inability to self-motivate.

May 8, 2019

Stephen and Raya can't shut up about bikes. And here's 1hr15m of proof.

Firstly, there's some extra info about the Beat the Train sportive. How is this Sportive different from all the others? We'll tell you. It's significantly more shambolic. We don't start where we finish, we give you an option to bail out, there's no food stops (unless you bring money) and you carry your finishing trophy with you. We know it sounds crap, but it won't be. Put June 23rd in your calendar. What? It's there already? Well, you know what we meant.


And Pod 51's surprisingly less turbo-nutter style conversation takes us to lie-ins and, bizarrely, cream teas. How is this relevant to cycling? It just is, alright. Listen and all shall be revealed.

Of course, we're nothing if not consistent, so there's a super-serious Velominati to be contending with. We're taking this one so seriously we've put on our Jawbreakers.

But our major topic today - out of nowhere - is... are cyclists human? Stupid question, you say? Well, don't ask the public. Apparently, having two wheels under your body elevates (or denigrates) you to the status of 'non-human'. A new survey has shed eye-opening light as to why so many cyclists are targetted while out on the roads. This is a two-latte listen, make no mistake.

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